From The Sky...

From the Sky - A Novel-in-Progress

By James M. O'Meara, © 2010

Introducing From the Sky...

The story is told by Renata Tarentella, a young wife and mother who is struggling through the recent loss of her hearing and the death of her Great Uncle, who perished in a freak accident. Over the course of a summer, by way of a series of conversations with an unnamed listener, she takes us on a journey through her life, and through the lives of her extended family. Lives filled with love, with pain, with superstition and with mystery.

This piece was supposed to be a short story of perhaps 2-3 segments. Renata took over. Her tale broadened with each installment. It took me in directions I hadn't anticipated. Oddly enough, the last installment is already written. I'm waiting for the rest of the story to catch up with it, but everytime I see the horizon approaching Renata moves that horizon farther off.

Walnutwood, a familiar fictional setting for me, is home for this story. I have done a number of stories with Walnutwood as the backdrop (some posted at Dynamo, some not).

It is important to remind my readers (both of you folks) that this is another unfinished work. I am sharing my process here. I know there are parts that klunk a bit, that aren't smoothly written. There are bits that will disappear completely in the finished story. Or bits will be added late, after I finish the Dynamo draft. Getting the first complete version of the story posted has priority, "warts and all." That, again, is my process. It will all be ripped apart and rewritten later, as I did the final version of The Tears of Saint Lawrence (which is not posted at the site, only the longer, original version remains).

There will come a time (heaven knows when) where I will decide I have enough truly finished stories "in the can" to start shopping them around. Perhaps something will be published. Perhaps not. But I don't write for fame or money. I write because I have to. I am compelled.

I hope you enjoy reading From the Sky as it evolves.

--James O'Meara

From the Sky...

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