No Cognitive Defect XVI

No Cognitive Defect - Part XVI

By James M. O'Meara, © 2010

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First Date...

Wilson started their meal with wild mushroom soup and a quail egg salad. The wild mushrooms and quail eggs were from a specialty grocer two blocks down. The soup had a garnish of paper-thin prosciutto in the center. It was ready when Erica arrived. After the soup, she insisted on helping so they worked together on the salad. They started with the quail eggs. They quickly soft-boiled them, and he showed Erica how to carefully open them with a serrated knife and scoop out the contents into a bowl with a small melon baller. She prepped the romaine lettuce while he added vinegar and sea salt to the quail eggs and whisked it together for a simple dressing, which Erica drizzled over the bed of romaine on their salad plates. The meal's main attraction was a cherry-roasted rack of lamb. The lamb was already coated with a thick sauce made of pulped pitted cherries, some rosemary, salt and pepper, a little brown sugar and a dash of pineapple juice. He put it in the oven to roast while they did some of the dishes together. She washed, he dried. That arrangement would reverse by necessity years later, but from the very beginning the two of them were joined at the hip in the kitchen. When the lamb was ready, he sliced their portions and made their plates, spooning out some mashed potatoes he'd made earlier and kept warm on the stove. They took their plates to the table and talked as they ate.

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