They're Jerking my Chain...

Yanking my chain...

We're Messing With You, WingBoy!

No April vacation for me this year.

I was scheduled for jury duty earlier this month, but on Thursday prior to service (and just before the Federal Gubbermint nearly ground to a halt) I was notified "not to report." I still had to check in each Friday for the rest of the month to learn if I was swimming in that jury pool.

Late last week, with the end of April looming on the horizon, I checked in at the court website and found this notification:

Status: Completed
Your jury service is concluded.
The court is grateful for your participation in the administration of justice.


That was my vacation they pulled out from under me. Long days with 2-hour courthouse lunches, a chance to meet fascinating people and perhaps convict them, and, most important ...and absolutely irreproachably valid reason to not think about work at all. No piles of e-mail taunting me with things undone. No jammed printers. No desks to crawl under looking for elusive data jacks.

Just joyous impressment into government service. I secretly hoped I'd be sequestered.

Instead, I'm done. I believe they never intended to use me. I think Congress invented the whole government shutdown thing so the Scranton courthouse wouldn't stink of chicken wings after lunch each day.

Am I pee-ohed??


I was praying that in between all those chicken wing lunches I'd have a chance to send someone from Luzerne County's corruption scandal to the big house. On the upside, I'll probably be called up again in a year or two. We'll still have plenty of garbage to take out. And those Scranton wing joints ...well, they're not going anywhere.


* * *

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