No Cognitive Defect

No Cognitive Defect - A Novel-in-Progress

By James M. O'Meara, © 2010

Introducing No Cognitive Defect...

When Erica Nicholas dies in a car crash her husband Wilson loses perhaps the only person who understood his limitations and his fierce need to rise above them. The victim of a stroke that left his body damaged but his brilliant mind intact, Wilson withdrew from a very successful legal career to his home in rural New England. There he and Erica built a life together.

With Erica's death, Wilson is forced to rekindle his relationship with his son Evan, a promising California-based writer who can't see past the physical effects of his father's stroke to the fiercely independent man trying to overcome them. Evan wants to move home to care for Wilson, and Wilson wants to care for himself.

Complicating this scenario is Evan's fiancee, an unconventional young woman named Anita. When Evan asks her to come to New England it is the first in a chain of events that puts Wilson and Anita in peril. When his son unexpectedly goes to Mississippi for a few days, leaving Wilson and Anita alone, the plate is set.

Against the backdrop of a horrific blizzard Anita becomes violently ill, a balky generator fails at the worst possible time, and survival depends on Wilson facing the storm alone.

* * *

It is important to remind my readers (both of you folks) that this is another unfinished work. Perhaps, also, my most ambitious. I don't write for fame or money. I write because I have to. I am compelled.

I hope you enjoy reading No Cognitive Defect as it evolves.

--James O'Meara

No Cognitive Defect...

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