About the Big Kahuna...

The Big Kahuna is: James M. O'Meara
Age: 50-something.
Shoe size: 10 ½. He's been known to wear shoes a half-size larger or smaller just to confuse folks.

James was born in Washington, D.C. in 1957, the oldest of five children. A transplanted southerner, he moved to northeastern Pennsylvania as a teenager and has lived and worked there for more than thirty years. He considers it his home, and with the possible exception of Maryland's eastern shore there is no other place on Earth he would seriously consider living and eventually being laid to rest.

In his early twenties, after dropping out of college, he entertained the notion of becoming a musician. Progressive deafness (in no way, oddly enough, related to blasting his electric guitar at full volume) assured that a career in music simply would not and probably should not happen. His utter failure to revolutionize modern music paved the way instead for the rise of Disco, Punk and later Rap. He will likely never be forgiven these transgressions.

After taking a particularly vicious knee in the groin from life in the early 1980's, some measure of maturity took hold. He married, and with his wife, Ann Marie, is attempting to parent two young adults, Courtney and James Junior. So far, the kids are way ahead on points.

James lives in Plains, Pennsylvania, slaving by day as a Data Processing Supervisor. In the evening he writes, but if the Pope is in town they go bowling. They often knock back a few cold ones over a plate of chicken wings afterwards. (His Holiness likes the wings hot, and the beer cold. He's also been heard to cuss in Latin after gutter balls or splits.)

James began to write in fits and starts after turning thirty. His work became more disciplined as he entered his forties. He is currently working on serial fiction, short stories, and a pair of novels. He has also developed the annoying habit of writing about himself in the third person.

Tonight James has on his size 11 dress shoes.

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